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Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Not much going on here….still packing & feeling like I live in a storage bin! I will be so glad to get into the new house & put all my rooms back together! It’s difficult for me to come home to this kind of mess, I just have to put my blinders on when I walk in the door (& for someone who’s very detail oriented that’s not easy to do!)
We did manage to find & buy all of our pool furniture this weekend! I can’t wait to set it all up.

We got 4 of these chaise’s….I ordered creamy white cushions for them

We got 2 of these arm chairs to set somewhere else around the pool

We also bought this table & 4 chairs for the gazebo area without the umbrella

I loved these striped pillows from Pottery Barn! I got 4 of the bolster pillows for the chaise’s in the brownish color (called tumbleweed)

Got 2 of these square ones for the arm chairs

How cute are these?? Matching beach towels! I ordered 4 to go with the chaises
That’s it!! At least we will have enough furniture out there to start enjoying the pool right away :)
Hers a few images of pools that I like…. I love the simplicity and calmness about them, hopefully mine will have this same feel



Pics via pinterest

Ahhhhhh…….relaxing just looking at the pics!

Oh…I also found this pic on pinterest of the home exterior and brick wall painted the same color, exactly what I was thinking about doing with mine….looks awesome!

The brick wall looks almost identical to the one around my pool area! (to the right of the house)


Only 10 days left….can’t wait!

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So…we are totally up to our necks in boxes packing…. The house is in such disarray, but I find myself still trying to “decorate”! The only room that even somewhat looks inhabitable is our great room. I begged the hubs to bring in one of the Swedish looking chests I purchased at Lucketts (yes… I said “one” because I went back the next day and bought the 2nd one & that fabulous chandelier!) Oh my… Who shops when they’re getn ready to move??

Yes, I know… The lamps are the wrong scale and I will not use them on there but for now we need light in the room. I also brought out some of my new herbariums … Just so I could enjoy a few of my new purchases until we move! I’m having beautiful surroundings withdrawal…. I need my pretty spaces back!

Speaking of shopping…. We are currently en route to Restoration Hardware outlet for their big memorial day weekend sale….. LOL! Am I the only one who shops two weeks before moving??
Have a great holiday weekend!


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What a gorgeous day! A perfect day to hunt for fabulous antique treasures & that’s exactly what I did at the annual Lucketts antique fair in Leesburg, Va. I got here bright and early , an hour before the gates open, but as always there’s already a line forming.

There were several booths set up on the outside of the gates so I had to do a little poking around while waiting….

Loved this concrete cherub….it’s pretty large…thought it might look cool hanging on the brick wall around the pool or somewhere else outside so I bought it!

Then I spotted this Swedish looking chest….loved the simple lines and the soft gray wash. Don’t even know where this will go but found myself buying this too!

OMG!!! Ok…..I’m really drooling now! This chandelier is GORGEOUS & quite large…. Where can I put it?? I have a huge two story foyer in the new house that I think it would be perfect for!…….but it needs to be converted so I’m feeling a bit intimidated…I better wait cause all this and I haven’t even gotten inside the gates yet! LOL



Finally got inside and I headed straight to Eksters booth! She always has the best stuff. If you haven’t heard of it, Ekster used to be an antique shop in Leesburg Va, but Caroline (the shop owner) has since closed the shop and now she holds monthly barn sales out of her barn in Hamilton Va. This is becoming a new trend now & the prices are always great since there’s not all the overhead!

Found this French bench there that I think will look great in my foyer

Also decided I had to have this lantern..it’s about 2′ tall….very cool….will use it somewhere outside :)

This booth had tons of painted furniture. It’s called Tuscany Designs & they have a shop in downtown Frederick Md. where that’s all they do…they have a space in the back where they hand paint everything in their signature look.

Another cool booth

Ummmmmm……yes…..I definitely pigged out! Shopping takes a lot out of ya….a girl’s gotta refuel! I’ll take a beef BBQ, fries & a water please (at least I was good with the water!)

Found this booth where the woman had these hundred year old pressed botanicals that her husband framed using antique wood floor boards. Loved the organic feel ……I bought 6!
Well….. I think I did enough damage for one day, and my shoulders are getting a sunburn, plus I’m running out of room in the vehicle….so time to head out! I’d say I did pretty good. Got in and out in about 3 hrs & bringing home a bunch of goodies :) can’t wait to see them in the new house! I can’t stop thinking about that chandelier though……maybe I will go back tomorrow & see if it’s still there! I’ll probably get a better price on it if it is…….
Hope you all did something fun today too! Cheers!

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I’m excited to say our pool at the new house was opened this week & being prepped for our pool inspection. I’ve never had a home with a pool so this is all new to me. The look of it when the cover was removed made me want to run…..can we say nasty?? Btw…I apologize for the poor quality pics, they were all taken with my iPhone!

Apparently, the homeowner said its never looked this bad before. Maybe the unusually warm winter allowed a lot of algae to grow. Normally, he just cleans the existing water but this year it had to be drained. THANK GOD!


Much better! Notice the front of he gazebo has no roof…not sure what the reason for that is & what to do about it, but it looks a bit odd..don’t you think?

Ahhh….ok, now it’s starting to look more like it. Here is Jay learning how to clean it (my own personal pool boy:)


Yea I know…the pink stucco and tan trim has got to go! I’m thinking whatever color I repaint the stucco I might also use on the brick wall….to keep it cohesive.



Love all the ironwork! The homeowner installed it all himself. The gate that lets you into the pool area is even antique!

The grass is coming back…slowly but surely!!

The pool is to the right of the front of the house. They decided to put it there for the best sun exposure, plus the basement opens up on that side out to the pool.

Love the wrought iron railings around the front steps!
Well…that’s it for now! Hope you enjoyed! The pool inspection is tomorrow :) hope everyone has a great night.

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Home exterior colors

Hi everyone! Another busy weekend packing! I did manage to get about 80% of my kitchen packed up this weekend which makes me feel like the worst of it is over!
I’ve been thinking a lot about repainting the outside of my new home & trying to decide what color to paint it. I’ve been hesitant about posting any pics just yet since my grass looks so bad….but I figured I’d go ahead and let you all see what it looks like….just excuse the dead lawn! I’m hoping all the rain we’ve been getting is gonna help it come back sooner!

YES…..it is a very pale shade of pink!

Don’t worry….I’m not keeping it that color! I was thinking I would either go with a creamy tone or a soft gray tone on the stucco & a milky white on all the trim work & windows. Here are some pics to give you an idea….





And for some gray exteriors…..



What do you think?? Creamy tan or a soft gray?…..so much to do…..but I love a good design project! Have a great week :)

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Kitchen choices

So, the house I’m buying is gonna need a kitchen update. It’s a 24 year old house & the cabinets, although very nice grade wood, are not my style. I’ve always liked light, bright kitchens with painted cabinetry instead of wood & I’ve always dreamed of marble countertops so this will be my opportunity to get those! The kitchen has hunter green granite, again….totally not my style. So I know what I want for counters, but can’t decide if I want white cabinets or a shade of gray


Loving the marble counters!


Love all the grass fronts


And for some gray options…..




Or I could do a combination…

All images from Decorpad

I’d love to hear your opinions….which look do you like best?

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Hi everyone! Today has been a very productive day. We have officially started packing & moving furniture out of rooms in preparation for our move. Only 5 more weeks.. It will be here so quick! While I was busy packing, Jay had a project to do on the kitchen island that he had started but never finished.
Here’s what the island looked like before ( he had already added the trim moldings)


We wanted to add the decorative feet that make it look more like furniture. So he took a piece of standard baseboard and cut pieces with a miter saw. On the returns he took a jigsaw and cut an arc in the baseboard to mimic a foot. He then routered the inside edge to give it a decorative touch. Here’s what it looked like


He then took the feet and added them to a long piece of baseboard & attached them to the island with a nail gun and a construction adhesive called liquid nails. He took quarter round molding and wrapped it around the baseboard adhering it with liquid nails to give it a finished look
This still needs to be painted but you get the idea




You can also add a towel bar to one or both sides to hang your dish towels.


Only thing left to do is paint & the new homeowner will have a lovely custom looking island :)

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