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I’m obsessed!

Have you seen the April issue of Veranda?
I have always loved the work of Houston designer Pamela Pierce. Veranda has featured her home newly redesigned and edited & I’m drooling over every page
Let’s start with the exterior…I was strongly leaning towards a creamy white for the color to repaint the exterior of my home, and needless to say after seeing this photo I am SOLD

Pam has gone with an all white color palette on upholstery and walls, bare floors & minimal, if any window coverings, mixed with bleached wood tones & gorgeous French, Swedish & Italan antiques……..ahhhhhh a breath of fresh air


She has mixed in more contemporary pieces with her new “look” which juxtapose beautifully with the antiques.


I love her use of antique interior shutters

The rustic wood beams make such a difference. I’m hoping to incorporate some into my own kitchen redesign ( on the ceiling)
Her bedroom is so simple and restful. The antiques really take center stage…nothing else is needed. She was quoted in the magazine as saying “I’ve been known to paint a bedroom a color, and the next day repaint it. I just like white at the end of the day, I need serenity”
Oh, I can so relate to that & could not agree more!

She even incorporated an antique Gustavian Demi lune table into a bathroom sink


And who wouldn't want to stay in this guest bedroom?
Those tufted beds! I'm in love with every single thing in this room!
She continues to inspire me. Her ability to edit & discriminating taste for antiques has me wanting to do the same. This proves that less is definitely more. I personally feel most at home in quiet neutral spaces that are not dominated by clutter.
Pam’s designs have inspired for me since i very first discovered her years ago.This older room by Pierce directly influenced my own settes


And her use of santos, cherubs & religious art continue to evoke the most calming feeling to her interiors. I think I first started collecting them after seeing images of her rooms.

This is my latest religious artifact, only this is actually more of a family heirloom. I squealed when my mom showed it to me recently….it was her mothers, and I couldn’t be more excited to own it! I’m thinking about hanging it over my bed :)
If you too are a fan of Pamela Pierce, be sure to subscribe to her new magazine “Milieu” here due to come out in September


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The surprise 50th wedding anniversary party was a huge success! Everyone showed up, my parents were surprised & a good time was had by all.
Here are a few pics…






Loved the Greek key designed cake. The theme was gold (for 50 years) & since we are Greek, I thought why not do a simple two tiered white cake with gold Greek key! Turned out beautiful and was delish!


Appetizer table


And a big thank you to my cousin Mallamo who cooked almost all the food! Not sure why but I didn’t get a pic of the spread…was too busy by that point I guess! I also don’t have a good enough pic of my parents to show…my iPhone doesn’t take good night shots! (you’d think I’d go ahead & get a real camera by now!)
Also, thanks to everyone who took the time to comment on my post about my drapery dilemma. I ended up hanging them in time for the party & they look great!! I think they warm up the room without blocking out my sunlight


Didn’t do the front window yet….still tryin to decide on that one :)


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So in lieu of the party im having on Sunday, I’m trying to decide whether or not to hang curtains in my living room. I ordered the Thai silk in sand from Restoration Hardware. I have just pinned them to the window frame for effect to see if I even want to hang them…, & I still can’t decide!!
Here’s the room again with no curtains…


Here it is with just a single panel on either side of the fireplace…


Here it is with double panels..

This looks way too crowded & messy to me. Of course they will hang better when properly hung on a rod, but you get the idea…
Then there’s the front window…. Do I hang curtains there & risk blocking the view?

Does it look funny to see curtains on the other windows & not that one?


Which is better?
Why is it so easy to do someone else’s house & so difficult to do your own???
I’ve noticed it’s the same when it comes to my hair!
I need to make a decision quick….so I’d love to hear your opinions!!


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I’m throwing my parents a surprise 50 yr wedding anniversary party this Sunday & can’t wait!
I will share more pics soon but hers just a little teaser :)


Hope everyone’s having a great week. Btw…I started back to work last week! It’s very part time for now, I’m only taking 3 clients a day so I don’t overwork my wrist, and I have to wear my splint while working..which is quite a challenge…..but I’m thrilled to be back! Thanks to everyone for the prayers and support. God is good!


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