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Happy Thanksgiving!!


I’m just popping in to wish everyone a Happy Thanksgiving & also to let you all know that I plan to start re-blogging again soon! Thanks for the emails & comments. I’m so sorry for my absence but life gets busy & it takes time to put blog posts together so I just got away from it. I do have lots of changes to catch you up on.
Have a blessed day!


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Woven wood blinds

I finally decided to get blinds for the living room windows. The sun in there gets pretty intense at times, even though I love all the natural sunlight! It become obvious that I needed to do something on Christmas Day when everyone was around the dining room table & the sun was blinding & baking them!

I have to say I really love how they add another layer of texture. This is so important in an all neutral room



Hope everyone is staying warm. We just got more snow & freezing temperatures. Has me longing to be on a warm tropical beach somewhere……



How would you like to have this room with a view?


I’m counting down……only 8 more weeks til the first day of spring!!


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The hutch is here

She’s arrived!


Here she is with my transferware on display



Here’s how she ended up


Don’t even laugh! LOL!
I don’t know what to think. It’s truly a beautiful piece, but I think it’s just too much wood for me? Or maybe I’m just more of a buffet
than a hutch person. I should have figured this out prior to purchasing…. But it’s too late now! I think if I had a huge kitchen that it would fit in, I would use it there. But I don’t know about it in my dining room.
I do love the look of a warmer wood buffet & the modern art brings a bit of excitement to the room, so I’m loving the feel of the room right now. It just wasn’t how I had planned on using her.
I’m thinking maybe the upper plate rack can be incorporated into our basement kitchen redesign one day. We have a small second kitchen downstairs which need a total overhaul…..maybe it could be used in leiu of upper cabinets?? Well….it certainly has me scratching my head
In the meantime I’ve put myself on a no spending diet. I’ve over indulged…..


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Update on the hutch

Boy, do I have a story for you all!

First let me start by saying THANK YOU for all the comments on my last post about the hutch! I took every single one of them into consideration :)

The biggest reason I was stressing over the decision, aside from the fact that it was a big purchase, was because it was a One Kings Lane sale. If anyone has purchased from them you know that the sales are usually only up for a few days. Also, if you see something you want & don’t jump on it immediately it could very well be gone by the time you decide! Sooo…..I kept putting the hutch in my “cart” which essentially gives you about 10 min to close the sale otherwise it’s back up for grabs.

I. kept. doing. this…..ALL MORNING!!

I was scared to buy but scared to let it go! I was on my way to work & knew I had to make a decision. Meanwhile, all of your comments were rolling in so I just decided to purchase it!!!!!!! I was sooooo excited!!!!

And then I started to worry as the day went on. OMG….what have I done? What if I don’t like it in person? It’s always risky buying something sight unseen. There were a few comments about it possibly being too dark or heavy looking (even tho most comments were extremely positive). I knew that the sale was final…so when I got home from work I thought…well maybe I can cancel it since it had only been a few hours since purchasing. They did make an exception & I cancelled the order! Shew! …..that was close!

But wait….it gets worse!

Then I started second guessing THAT decision! I was at the mall returning a few things when I decided I just had to have the freaking hutch already!!! But now the sale was OVER! ENDED! NOWHERE TO BE FOUND!!!! I’m beside myself….

Well, to make a long story short, my husband called the vendor directly & found out the piece was still available! And all we needed to do was call One Kings Lane & ask them reinstate the sale.
I called.
I needed to talk to their specialist who was off until Monday (this was Sat)…..
So after waiting all weekend & most of the day today, I’m happy to announce the hutch is mine!!!!!!!!!

Well at least it will always have a story behind it! I’m sure the people at One Kings Lane think I’m cray cray.

I still have mini waves of freaking out about how it will look but it’s done now. It’s mine & I’m gonna love it! I’ve already decided if worse comes to worse & it hits me as too dark, I will either have it stripped & lime washed or painted ( I know a great decorative painter) …..But let’s hope that won’t be necessary

On a different note, Christmas was amazing & my turkey turned out great! Thank you for the many suggestions & recipes. I had already found one I wanted to use from Americas Test Kitchen.
You can find the recipe here



There was no shortage of food! My mom got here by 7:30 in the morning so I had plenty of help….Thank God! I had gotten up at 6:00 am to prep the turkey & get it in the oven. It was perfect :):)


It was a wonderful day full of family, food & laughter. My heart was full of gratitude
Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!
And don’t worry, I will post pics as soon as the new hutch arrives :)


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To buy or not to buy

As you all know, i already have an antique enfilade (buffet) in my dining room

But i have always wanted a hutch so i could display my tranferware/ironstone collection.
Something like this….


Of course i’ve never seen one worthy of considering…….
Until now

Help! Im seriously drooling! Couldn’t even sleep well thinking about it all night! Its gorgeous & massive.
Will it look good with what i already have? Will there be too much wood in the room? What will i do with my buffet?? Do i really want to change things at this point & risk a domino effect? What if i decide i want a lighter table? What if it looks amazing? What if i never find one like this again?? Ive secretly been looking forever!
This is the last thing i need to be focusing on right now….2 days until Christmas & i have 17 guests coming to my house for dinner……
And. Ive. Never. Cooked. A. Turkey. Before
Much less cooked for this many people!
I must be losing my mind.
Im turning to my faithful readers to give me advice. My hubs keeps saying “i cant answer that for you”
So im asking you all….to buy or not to buy???

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Finding beauty in Florida

We are on vacation/visiting family in St. Augustine Florida. We’re having a great time enjoying the beach. The weather has been wonderful and the water temps are awesome! We did get a couple of rainy days which gave me the opportunity to explore the design scene down here.
Ive been following the blog Mrs Howard Personal Shopper for some time now, so i knew they had 2 storefronts in Jacksonville. Well….. Whats a little vaca without seeing some pretties…


This shop did not disappoint! The first room they had set up totally blew me away…. Jaw dropping gorgeous





Rustic wood beams, limestone mantel and stunning furniture. Can i just move in??

And here are some other rooms…





I zeroed in on these beautiful watercolor landscapes




Yep, had to take 4 of them. Im thinking two on each wall in my living room flanking the big window

Of course, i was drooling over this pair of klismos chairs


Just not in my budget right now. I think i have a chair fetish! I wouldnt even know where to put them!

Speaking of chairs, we also discovered a really cool little antique shop in downtown St Augustine…& look what i found there…

They were sitting up high so this was the best shot i could get. Arent they lovely? Of course they need re upholstery but they were a steal! I had to leave them because again…just dont need any more chairs :(

And how on earth do these putti keep finding me??

Really?? And its the largest one ive seen so far! At least 2 1/2 feet tall! Simply spectacular!
Im still thinking about it…. But what on earth do i need another one for? Im gonna have a putti shrine! Lol

Thank God the next couple of days are going to be nice & sunny because all this temptation is making me weak!


Ahhhhh….thats more like it!
Hope everyone has a great weekend


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Decision made

First I want to thank all of you who responded with your great ideas & suggestions. I was reading them as I was walking through the marble yard today & they were very helpful. I didn’t get much sleep last night worrying about making a decision. Anyone who thinks marble shopping is fun….trust me it’s not!!

I decided to go to another marble distributor early this morning in hopes of being able to see more options & make my decision easier. I’ve never been so confused!! Sometimes too many options are worse. I was naturally the most attracted to the Calcutta slabs I was seeing but they are way out of my budget. (isn’t that always the case…. I can find the most expensive thing no matter what I’m shopping for, so why would this be any different?)

At the end of the day I decided carerra was my best option, and I’m not complaining about it…believe me, I’m just happy to be getting marble! I didn’t really see any slabs that I thought were any better so I drove back to my original place with the plan to purchase the first slabs. My fabricator measured yesterday & turns out one will not be enough. I knew that was too good to be true cause it sure would’ve been a lot cheaper! But with the two slabs I will be able to do my bathroom vanity & the custom island my husband built!

Anyhow, while I was still contemplating whether it looked too gray or not, I thought I better double check in case there was something else there I had missed. And don’t you know….hiding in the very back…..there were three slabs that were from the same lot but with a noticeably whiter background!!

……… But then I noticed a sold sticker on one so I thought…..ok Heidi, don’t get your hopes up. Fortunately when I had someone check they were in fact all available! Yay! This made my decision because I was getting a much better price here ( mainly thanks to a friend in the business who does work with this company) but also because these slabs are already honed. The other placed had mostly polished and it would be an addition cost to hone.

Here they are…



There’s quite a bit of veining but picture it cut in half and it looks much softer. I told my fabricator to use the cleaner areas. Its hard to get a good feel from the photos but i could tell instantly that these looked brighter so I’m feeling good about my decision and cant wait to see them installed!! If all goes well they might be in by next weekend :)
Happy happy

Now on to other decisions…need to pick my faucet (& yes that darn budget problem!!)
It never ends!

Thanks again for your help. I feel so blessed to have such great followers who were so quick to help a girl in stress mode!
Goodnite everyone :)


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