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Barn sales

Hello everyone! Sorry I haven’t posted in a while but not much has changed around here & I don’t like posting pics of unfinished spaces. I still haven’t gotten anywhere on finding someone who can install my antique limestone mantel :(….. It’s frustrating to say the least!
I thought I’d post about the popularity of barn sales in the northern Va, DC & Md areas. I don’t know what part of the country you live but it’s become quite a great way to buy antiques & such around here.
The first one I ever went to was held by Caroline , owner of Ekster Antiques. I first discovered her wonderful Belgian furnishings & accessories when she had a storefront in Leeesburg Va. It has since closed & she now opens her barns on her property for big sales every few months whenever she has a new shipment. Here’s a few pics of items available at her next sale Sept 28-30





You can see more pics of what’s available here

Another barn sale that’s quite popular is
chartruese & co located in Frederick Md. They are open monthly every 3rd Fri-Mon
You can see pics here
Frederick is a great place to spend the day, lots of great shopping & restaurants. After checking out Chartruese, you can drive a few miles from there down a pretty country road to Stylish Patina, yet another barn sale!
And if that’s not reason enough for a day trip, Frederick is only minutes away from Old Lucketts Store in Lucketts Va. Not exactly a barn sale but similar finds! So….. Fall would be a great time to check one or all of these out! I’m thinking about going to Eksters for sure. I’d love to hear your feedback….is this a trend in your neck of the woods?


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Hope everyone had a great holiday weekend! Not much going on here….still packing & feeling like I live in a storage bin! I will be so glad to get into the new house & put all my rooms back together! It’s difficult for me to come home to this kind of mess, I just have to put my blinders on when I walk in the door (& for someone who’s very detail oriented that’s not easy to do!)
We did manage to find & buy all of our pool furniture this weekend! I can’t wait to set it all up.

We got 4 of these chaise’s….I ordered creamy white cushions for them

We got 2 of these arm chairs to set somewhere else around the pool

We also bought this table & 4 chairs for the gazebo area without the umbrella

I loved these striped pillows from Pottery Barn! I got 4 of the bolster pillows for the chaise’s in the brownish color (called tumbleweed)

Got 2 of these square ones for the arm chairs

How cute are these?? Matching beach towels! I ordered 4 to go with the chaises
That’s it!! At least we will have enough furniture out there to start enjoying the pool right away :)
Hers a few images of pools that I like…. I love the simplicity and calmness about them, hopefully mine will have this same feel



Pics via pinterest

Ahhhhhh…….relaxing just looking at the pics!

Oh…I also found this pic on pinterest of the home exterior and brick wall painted the same color, exactly what I was thinking about doing with mine….looks awesome!

The brick wall looks almost identical to the one around my pool area! (to the right of the house)


Only 10 days left….can’t wait!

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So…we are totally up to our necks in boxes packing…. The house is in such disarray, but I find myself still trying to “decorate”! The only room that even somewhat looks inhabitable is our great room. I begged the hubs to bring in one of the Swedish looking chests I purchased at Lucketts (yes… I said “one” because I went back the next day and bought the 2nd one & that fabulous chandelier!) Oh my… Who shops when they’re getn ready to move??

Yes, I know… The lamps are the wrong scale and I will not use them on there but for now we need light in the room. I also brought out some of my new herbariums … Just so I could enjoy a few of my new purchases until we move! I’m having beautiful surroundings withdrawal…. I need my pretty spaces back!

Speaking of shopping…. We are currently en route to Restoration Hardware outlet for their big memorial day weekend sale….. LOL! Am I the only one who shops two weeks before moving??
Have a great holiday weekend!


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Have I have mentioned my love affair with French antiques? So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I stumbled upon the coolest antique shop in Norfolk Va …of all places! I was in Hampton one weekend with my crew from work for a hair show & we had several hours to kill, so someone mentioned we should explore downtown Norfolk….more precisely Ghent. Sounds good to me…I always love to explore new little towns….you never know what your gonna find. Well, this area was so up my alley! One street full of shopping, restaurants, antiques…. It doesn’t get any better! And you can park your car on one end and walk to the other…perfect! Anyhow….my favorite antique shop there is called The Antique Design Center & Michael has a booth in the very back that is brimming with ….none other than…..FRENCH ANTIQUES! That’s right….he actually lives in France part time so he has the inside scoop on where to find the real McCoy. So many companies are reproducing the look now but I’ve always believed in the value of a true antique that will last for generations, and you really can’t beat the patina of wood, or paint, or gilt that has been around for hundreds of years. Ahhhhhh :)

I have a great story on the lovely painted gray sideboard. It’s a Louis XV period piece (ca 1780s) & my heart started going pitter patter as soon as I laid eyes on it! Here is a photo I took in the store.


I had not ever seen a piece ( in person) with so much age & character… I had to have it! ….. Until I noticed the price! Of course period pieces are never cheap….. So I left without it and decided I would try to find something similar for less money. I left my name & number at the desk so in case they could really get the price down….way down. I spent he next 9 months searching for a “replacement” with nothing even coming close to the look of that one. What was worse was that I couldn’t even remember the name of the shop I had seen it in so there was no way to call & find out if it was even still available. Then one day (as fate would have it…& I do believe pieces have a way of finding me) someone from the shop called & asked if I was still interested in the buffet because it had been moved to his other shop in New York & he would bring it back if I wanted it…..ummm YESS!! And so after all that time, I got my sideboard & for a much more affordable price….affordable being relative here….LOL! Then of course…when I went to pick it up… I fell in love with THE CHAIRS….also Louis XV with the original paint & signed Krieger..here we go again! So I ended up having to make another trip down to pick the chairs up…. I told myself I was only gonna get them if all 7 of them fit in the back of my suv….didn’t think they actually would….but they did! Yea….they were meant to be mine :)

This is a picture of my current dining room with my new antique sideboard (more appropriately referred to as an enfilade) & chairs. I will be using these same pieces in my new home…can’t wait!

So, id love to hear from you all….where are some of your favorite shopping sources?

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