New pretties!

Hello everyone! I know is been a long time since I have posted , but i have some new pretties to share! I finally got new sofas in my living room as well as a new coffee table & sofa table/console. Take a look…..








I love the new square-arm t cushion sofas! They are deep and so comfy….. And slipped. They came from arhaus furniture. They were shown in the store with 3 cushions but I had them changed to two cushion (which I love!) The other nice thing about Arhaus is they always have so many nice fabrics to choose from and if you catch them during a sale, there’s no extra charge for customizing your fabric. I chose a cotton/linen blend in a pale gray/oatmeal color

The coffee table came from William Sonoma. I love the larger size and clean lines

I don’t remember the manufacturer of the console table in the window. It came from a local high end furniture discount store. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and just knew it would be perfect in the window. It reminds me of one that Neirmann Weeks makes here

The new prints I purchased in Florida are hanging behind the sofas…..love them in there :)

I would like to find nicer lamps at some point but I’m currently using some I had stored in the basement.

I also lightened up the drapes. What can I say….im a pale girl all the way. Sometimes I think darker ones would look better to give some contrast but I just love how light & airy the room feels

This room gets flooded in sunlight all day which I LOVE but the house does get pretty warm in the winter without the AC running. So I decided to order woven wood blinds to filter the sun a bit. I chose unlined so the sun still comes in just not as intense. They will add another layer & more texture to the room. They should be done in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait !!

I think that’s it for now, I will post again soon (promise) as soon as the blinds are in. I’m also working on a few other projects which I will post about soon :)

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. The weather here is gorgeous right now, but I’m hearing possible snow next week??


Finding beauty in Florida

We are on vacation/visiting family in St. Augustine Florida. We’re having a great time enjoying the beach. The weather has been wonderful and the water temps are awesome! We did get a couple of rainy days which gave me the opportunity to explore the design scene down here.
Ive been following the blog Mrs Howard Personal Shopper for some time now, so i knew they had 2 storefronts in Jacksonville. Well….. Whats a little vaca without seeing some pretties…


This shop did not disappoint! The first room they had set up totally blew me away…. Jaw dropping gorgeous





Rustic wood beams, limestone mantel and stunning furniture. Can i just move in??

And here are some other rooms…





I zeroed in on these beautiful watercolor landscapes




Yep, had to take 4 of them. Im thinking two on each wall in my living room flanking the big window

Of course, i was drooling over this pair of klismos chairs


Just not in my budget right now. I think i have a chair fetish! I wouldnt even know where to put them!

Speaking of chairs, we also discovered a really cool little antique shop in downtown St Augustine…& look what i found there…

They were sitting up high so this was the best shot i could get. Arent they lovely? Of course they need re upholstery but they were a steal! I had to leave them because again…just dont need any more chairs :(

And how on earth do these putti keep finding me??

Really?? And its the largest one ive seen so far! At least 2 1/2 feet tall! Simply spectacular!
Im still thinking about it…. But what on earth do i need another one for? Im gonna have a putti shrine! Lol

Thank God the next couple of days are going to be nice & sunny because all this temptation is making me weak!


Ahhhhh….thats more like it!
Hope everyone has a great weekend


Bye bye cherry blossom

I haven’t had the time or desire to blog lately so I apologize for my lack of posts. I thought I’d take a quick minute to blog about a tree that is being cut down tomorrow.

Why am I blogging about this…. Because I couldn’t be happier about it!! It is a very pretty cherry blossom, but it starts dropping leaves late July/early August. And this is a major problem considering its close proximity to the pool

You can’t tell from this pic but trust me when I tell you that it has made keeping the pool area clean a complete nightmare! The leaves surround the pool deck & also fill the pool on a daily basis. I have been trying to convince my husband that it needs to go & he has fought me on this tooth and nail. He enjoys looking at it from his office. In my opinion, it also blocks our view of the pond from the living room and office windows. The negatives far outweigh the positives ( the few weeks that its in bloom in the spring)
Well I’m thrilled to report it’s coming down tomorrow & I couldn’t be more excited!!! We will be replacing it with something smaller that doesn’t shed ( possibly a Japanese maple)

There are plenty of other trees around our pool but none of them shed like that one



I had another tree cut down in the back (see the stump) about a month ago because it was shading the pool too much. The hubs fought me on that one too.


All this focusing on the exterior has me itching to paint the stucco! We haven’t even wrapped up our kitchen redo & I’m already moving on to the next project!

Speaking of kitchen, here is its current state

The side panel & upper cabinets are finished. We just need to order the new door fronts. I’m trying to decide between raised panel or shaker style. I’m leaning towards the raised panel so we won’t have to redo the backside of the cooktop island


That’s all I have for now. Thanks for being patient with me. I will try to post more regularly


I know it’s been a while since my last post. I was going to wait until i could do a whole new kitchen reveal but the cabinet work is on hold for the moment so I figured that could take forever. Plus there are so many little things I want to add to the kitchen that its going to be a work in progress. But I did get my new appliances in which has made a huge difference so I thought I’d share a few pics

I went with Bosch & I’m loving the 36″ cooktop with 5 burners


The dishwasher is super quiet, you can hardly tell its running


I haven’t peeled the plastic cover off yet…lol

The oven/microwave combo is amazing! The original oven was only 27″ & you could not fit a normal size pan in it, much less a roasting pan. We were worried we’d have to go with the same size since we didn’t change the cabinets but my husband was able to carve out a few extra inches off the cabinet so we put in a 30″ oven & what a difference! It’s by far one of the things I’m most excited about. Both the oven & microwave are also convection which is a nice bonus


As you can see, the backsplash is also done. We went with classic subway tile, I love the clean look. And my husband installed under cabinet lighting



I am thrilled with my marble….couldn’t be happier with it & I love how it looks on the island. I had a slight mishap during a small gathering & got lemon juice on it & it did etch….but I found a great little trick to make it practically undetectable. A little rub with the finest grade steel wool! I seriously have to really search to find it now & only if the light is hitting it just right. So kinda like a new car, it’s broken in now & I’m not sweating the little imperfections



The rusted metal planters came from Ekster’s latest barn sale. I’ve been adding lots of greenery around the house. It brings the rooms to life & adds just a perfect pop of color
I’ve ordered small pendants to go over the island from Joss & Main

Here’s a shot with the unfinished upper cabinets. I’m giving the hubs a break…the kitchen functions well as is so I’m not pushing him to finish (even tho I will be thrilled when it is…wink)


The middle section uppers (between fridge & oven) will be glass front. I’m not sure what to do with the wine rack area….I don’t really like it but its not exactly easy to remove & will make another huge dusty mess ( I found this out when the cabinet had to be cut to widen for the oven) yuck! We’re still scratching our heads about what to do with it….

That’s all I have for now. I will post as more progress is made :)
Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend




Just a sneak peek at my Carrara marble counters…they were installed yesterday while I was at work & I couldn’t wait to get home to see them… It was the worse torture!!! But I LOVE them!!!!


I am head over heels in love with my new Perrin & Rowe bridge faucet too….so glad I did not compromise on that! It is gorgeous….definitely the “jewelry”
My farmhouse sink (Kohler) is nice & deep….can’t wait to use it. The faucet is not hooked up yet because my husband still has to remove the backsplash & install subway tile in its place

Today I came home to this…..so much for the “pretties”….. That didnt last long.


Yes, this is backwards but he didnt have a chance to remove before installation & we had no idea it was going to be such a nightmare…what did they use … crazy glue??

We are still waiting on the rest of our appliances and we need to order the new door fronts so this is going to take some time to complete. I am thrilled so far though and will keep posting updates!


My new bed!!

My new bed was delivered today and I love it!!



My putto (cherub) found a place to hang out too


It came while I was at work and couldn’t wait to get home to see it. It’s even more beautiful in person. I love the upholstered headboard! It’s a keeper :)

On another note, my fabricator is coming out in the morning to remove the granite counters in my kitchen. My husband needs them removed so he can rework the cabinet that will house my new farmhouse sink!! ( I didn’t think I’d be able to get one since we were keeping our existing cabinets, but he will be able to make it work) so exciting!!!! And I’m told the marble will be installed on Wed! Still need to purchase my new faucet. I’ve been looking at the Perrin and Rowe bridge faucet in polished nickel


It also comes with these handles


Here it is in a few kitchens

Joni from Cote de Texas has one in her kitchen




I'm also considering this one



Gotta decide by tomorrow so I can have it in time

Now it’s time to get in my big comfy bed….nite all!


Decision made

First I want to thank all of you who responded with your great ideas & suggestions. I was reading them as I was walking through the marble yard today & they were very helpful. I didn’t get much sleep last night worrying about making a decision. Anyone who thinks marble shopping is fun….trust me it’s not!!

I decided to go to another marble distributor early this morning in hopes of being able to see more options & make my decision easier. I’ve never been so confused!! Sometimes too many options are worse. I was naturally the most attracted to the Calcutta slabs I was seeing but they are way out of my budget. (isn’t that always the case…. I can find the most expensive thing no matter what I’m shopping for, so why would this be any different?)

At the end of the day I decided carerra was my best option, and I’m not complaining about it…believe me, I’m just happy to be getting marble! I didn’t really see any slabs that I thought were any better so I drove back to my original place with the plan to purchase the first slabs. My fabricator measured yesterday & turns out one will not be enough. I knew that was too good to be true cause it sure would’ve been a lot cheaper! But with the two slabs I will be able to do my bathroom vanity & the custom island my husband built!

Anyhow, while I was still contemplating whether it looked too gray or not, I thought I better double check in case there was something else there I had missed. And don’t you know….hiding in the very back…..there were three slabs that were from the same lot but with a noticeably whiter background!!

……… But then I noticed a sold sticker on one so I thought…..ok Heidi, don’t get your hopes up. Fortunately when I had someone check they were in fact all available! Yay! This made my decision because I was getting a much better price here ( mainly thanks to a friend in the business who does work with this company) but also because these slabs are already honed. The other placed had mostly polished and it would be an addition cost to hone.

Here they are…



There’s quite a bit of veining but picture it cut in half and it looks much softer. I told my fabricator to use the cleaner areas. Its hard to get a good feel from the photos but i could tell instantly that these looked brighter so I’m feeling good about my decision and cant wait to see them installed!! If all goes well they might be in by next weekend :)
Happy happy

Now on to other decisions…need to pick my faucet (& yes that darn budget problem!!)
It never ends!

Thanks again for your help. I feel so blessed to have such great followers who were so quick to help a girl in stress mode!
Goodnite everyone :)



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