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I have a (hair) client who’s moved to this area from Texas & she mentioned she was opening a French antique shop in Middleburg. So I have been patiently waiting for it to open. I happened to have some free time the other day so I drove out there to see how it was coming along. She (Connie) was in Costa Rica on vacation but the shop was fully stocked & ready to open its doors any day. I was lucky enough to get a sneak peek since I tried the door & it was open….they were sweet enough to let me look around & take photos. I also met Connie’s partner in this new venture, the great Kathy Alexander who owns Rousset Antiques & Textiles here (which is now part of The Gray Door) in Houston Texas. FINALLY…..one of Houston’s great antiques textiles dealers is in Virginia…I cannot contain my excitement!!! I love antique tapestry pillows & fortuny….exactly what she specializes in….& of course French antiques. I discovered while talking to her that I had actually purchased one of her pillows a couple of years ago from 1st Dibs! What a small world! And how am I going to save any money with all these gorgeous finds so close to me now???
The shop is called Foxfire Gallery & Antiques and it is located in a gorgeous building on Main Street in Middleburg Va



Come inside with me…..take a look around

The shop is full of French antiques, tapestries, pillows, lamps, fortuny lampshades & artifacts


This vignette was in the left window




This was in the right window




Kathy told me this knole sofa in the next picture had been in her husbands family for many years and had even made it through hurricane Katrina in New Orleans. It’s now covered in a luscious vintage Fortuny…and the pillows are also Fortuny
Her daughter was lucky enough to have this in her apartment ( before it was recovered )




There was a huge trunk nearby full of her beautiful pillows. Did you know she is good friends with Becky Vizard of Bviz ( also famous for her antique pillows )

Here’s some more of her pillows…





And some beautiful tapestries & fortuny lampshades




Chandeliers & sconces







Artifacts & sculptures




Mirrors & bufets








This next vignette had me drooling!



I want this pair of antique wingback chairs slipped in a Rose Tarlow fabric…..gorgeous!


And before I left, Kathy pulled out this fabulous huge strip of vintage Fortuny. She had 3 of these I believe….I was thinking what wonderful window treatments these could be…



She wasn’t selling these though… Can’t say I blame her. Make sure to check out this fabulous shop next time you are in Middleburg…. You won’t regret it!!


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I’ve been staring (drooling) at the images of this house for days!! It’s for sale in Dallas Tx for just under $6 million ( I know…slightly over my price range) & not that I’m looking to move again…EVER! But….I absolutely LOVE every. single. detail. and. furnishing!






Limestone mantels in every room, pale walls & upholstery, wood beams, French & Swedish antiques, gorgeous lighting, a limestone bathtub….and that kitchen!! I could keep goin…..
Thanks so much to Heather from Satisfying Spaces for posting! You can check out her wonderful blog & see more pics here

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Family room

My family room is a work in progress but it has come a long way in the 9 weeks since we’ve moved in. It started out with good bones but dark colors & terrible window treatments. Here’s a few pics of what it looked like on move in day….


You would never even know it had pretty transom windows! The first thing I did was rip the ruffled valences off … But I had to wait a while before we could paint the “orange” walls

Here it is with just a few of my pieces in the room, I was taking pics even while the movers were bringing stuff in (notice the curtains are already down!! LOL)


Notice the pink marble surround inside the mantel…doesn’t quite go with the orange! Some people actually told me to keep the wall color……lol….not a chance!


Here it is with my landscapes hung & the mantel decorated. You can really see how pink the marble is in this pic! Also, notice the ugly wallpaper border in the kitchen in the background ( that’s been long gone thank goodness….but not much else has changed in there yet unfortunately)

I have never changed the furniture arrangement …this just worked out so well the first way I tried it

Here is the beginning of testing out colors for the walls

Hmmmm….. I think I’m liking this but check out how the pink marble stands out even more! ..& of course the mantel needs to be painted too

Ok….here is the mantel primed & the shell design removed. Huge improvement!! But holy pinkness…..every change is making that pink even more obvious! Lol


So I had to live with the pink mantel & half painted walls for a couple weeks til my painters could get back out to paint….. Ughhh

Ahhhhhh……breath of fresh air! Nothing beats a fresh coat of (light) paint! :) We continued the color all the way up on the ceiling which is vaulted

And my gorgeous new chandy came in just in time to hang in the freshly painted room

Perfect!!! …oh and the chandelier isn’t bad either (wink wink)

So…….here are some pics of the finished room as it looks today

The coffee table will be replaced with something nicer when I find one, the tv will eventually be mounted & I have 4 pressed herbariums that will hang on either side ( the same ones that are just resting on the console). Being that this is the first wall you see when you enter the room, I’m considering doing some sort of art on sliders to hide the television when not in use

Something like this ( but with different art of course)

The mantel is painted & the pink marble is gone….yay!! I’m thinking about continuing the curtains on this wall but they will be in the way when opening the French door to the left of the fireplace….hmmmm….not sure yet






LOVE this console table & I was lucky to find one big enough to take up this huge wall space, the baskets are from Pottery Barn & are the perfect place for my magazines. The white pottery I have collected over the years & love seeing it all together

Love this big window! I’m probably going to install woven wood blinds at some point. I don’t want to block the pretty view outside & I love all the natural light, but the sun get pretty hot late in the afternoon






Close up of my tapestry pillow that I made with a remnant I had purchased on Ruby Lane


My antique santos

And a view from the hallway
That’s it folks!! Hope you enjoyed the before & after. This was a long one…good thing I had the day off :)
Have a great day


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This ones for Melaine

I am dedicating this post to my blog friend Melaine from My Sweet Savannah. She was kind enough to write a wonderful post about me and my new blog here
She has asked for close up pics with details so here goes….

First, let me start out by saying that my handrails are now stripped & they look awesome! I actually think they look better than they did before the painting mistake! MY PAINTERS ROCK!


I love the way there’s still some black in the crevices. I told them not to try & make them perfect & I am loving the results. They have taken on a very natural, slightly distressed look! They still need to varnished & I told them to go with a matte finish. The best part is, we decided not to strip the black paint off the underneath & I love how that looks too! It adds more interest & it looks as though there’s an iron strip under the rail that the balusters are attached to…..

Doesn’t it look great?!!

Okay, on to my dining room details

The buffet (or enfilade) is a Louis XV period piece (circa 1780s) from the Southwest of France, made of Walnut & painted (quite a few times). The latest layer of paint is what is called Louis XVI grey & is probably from later in the 19th century when that color was popular in France (1870-1900)


The top is painted in a faux marble finish

Pretty detailing


I LOVE these chairs! They are also Louis XV with the original paint & are signed Krieger. They have been recovered in a gray linen/cotton. I love the old chippy paint. Both the sideboard & chairs came from The antique design center in Norfolk Va. I wrote about when I discovered them here

Close up of the art, drapes & sconces. I removed the crystals that were hanging on the cups, sometimes it just looks too busy for me. I should probably remove the wire that they hung on! Lol
These were bought years ago from a favorite Georgetown antique shop called Catherine Roberts

And last but not least……..

I hate taking pictures of myself, but this ones definitely for you Melaine!!


Hope everyone’s doing well!


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Okay, I don’t even know where to begin with this post. There’s been so much going on here & so many changes I can’t keep up with it myself! I had told myself I was gonna take my time with the redo’s before we moved in but who was I kidding? Ha! I don’t think I’m capable of doing that…once I get on a roll there’s no stopping me!…..until the money runs out that is! ( But then again there’s always plastic ) Lol!!! Of course it doesn’t help that I’m hosting a huge party here in two weeks so I’m really scrambling to get it as pulled together as possible! Nothing like a party to force you to put it in high gear.

Here is the dining room the day we moved in. The French doors lead to a slate patio out back & also our grill area. The yellow walls & brass chandelier had to go…

The kitchen is beyond, as you can see there’s plenty to redo in there. That won’t be happening for a while unfortunately. All I can say is I LOVE my painters! Not only have they brightened this whole house with a fresh coat of paint, they also removed wallpaper from my kitchen & office area. I will show those rooms in a later post. Anyone in the Northern Va area looking for a wonderful painting crew, give these guys a shout. They are very professional & meticulous :
Fitzgerald & Sons Painting
Larry Fitzgerald
Tell them Heidi sent ya!

This is what it looked like with my furniture before any paint & still with the brass chandelier

The room now, a paler coat of paint, my chandelier which came from my previous home ( I just removed the shades for a cleaner look) & my sconces which were wired for last week. The chairs, sideboard & sconces are antique. I found the drapes at Resto outlet last weekend for a steal! They are silk tafetta multi stripe although you cant tell in the pic. I need much longer drapes in this house so i wont be able to use most of the ones i brought with me. The art is one of my favorite groupings I own. I found the tiny portraits of various biblical figures years ago at an antiques booth & had them double matted & framed. I’ve had them for about 12 years & still love them as much as the day I bought them. The room wouldn’t be the same without them, they really pop off the pale chalky walls.The ceiling was painted a darker color & I went with a pearl finish which I love the look of!


Sorry for the half blurred picture. I’m still using my iPhone to take all these pics! One day I will get a real camera..promise :) you can see more of the ceiling in this pic. I love the way light bounces off of it & it has an iridescent look. My painter thought I was crazy when I told him I didn’t want flat, he said it would show off all the imperfections but truly I don’t notice any & the look is so worth it!


A close up of my antique brown transferware. I started collecting it about a year ago. Can’t wait to make a pretty place to display it in my kitchen

Close up of the curtains (that still need to be ironed) & art

Reflection through the mirror of my shell & coral collection. I have some very old shells that my mom gave me from Greece (which is where we are from originally, for those of you that don’t know). One in particular was given to her from her Godfather, so these really have special meaning to me. And a few I found in Va Beach where my parents have a small summer home

Here is a view from living room into the dining room.You can really see the ceiling in this pic. The dining room steps up from living room & separated by the railing….notice the iron balusters which I LOVE…..BUT as you can see from the pic, I had the handrail painted black & I hate it!!!!!! :(:( Major mistake on my part! I feel it cheapened the look of the house & I literally cried about it on Friday!! I called my painters in a panic & they are coming back out today to strip them…( did I mention how much I LOVE my painters??) I’m just sick about this but I’ve had the weekend to calm down & my painters are pulling up as I type this so I better go

Here is a spot where I started stripping it myself over the weekend just to make sure it was gonna come off! Lol! I’m so impatient! But I have full faith in my painters that it will be just fine. I will keep you posted on results. Oh….& before I go, a quick look at what got installed recently…..



By my PAINTERS!! Larry & the crew…it took 5 guys to get it up there! They were nice enough to hang it since I couldn’t get my electrician to come back out & do it! These guys really do it all & go the extra mile! I’m gonna miss them when they leave but it will be nice to get my house put back together. Thats it for now, I’ll keep you posted on the handrails. Have a great week


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Have I have mentioned my love affair with French antiques? So you can imagine how thrilled I was when I stumbled upon the coolest antique shop in Norfolk Va …of all places! I was in Hampton one weekend with my crew from work for a hair show & we had several hours to kill, so someone mentioned we should explore downtown Norfolk….more precisely Ghent. Sounds good to me…I always love to explore new little towns….you never know what your gonna find. Well, this area was so up my alley! One street full of shopping, restaurants, antiques…. It doesn’t get any better! And you can park your car on one end and walk to the other…perfect! Anyhow….my favorite antique shop there is called The Antique Design Center & Michael has a booth in the very back that is brimming with ….none other than…..FRENCH ANTIQUES! That’s right….he actually lives in France part time so he has the inside scoop on where to find the real McCoy. So many companies are reproducing the look now but I’ve always believed in the value of a true antique that will last for generations, and you really can’t beat the patina of wood, or paint, or gilt that has been around for hundreds of years. Ahhhhhh :)

I have a great story on the lovely painted gray sideboard. It’s a Louis XV period piece (ca 1780s) & my heart started going pitter patter as soon as I laid eyes on it! Here is a photo I took in the store.


I had not ever seen a piece ( in person) with so much age & character… I had to have it! ….. Until I noticed the price! Of course period pieces are never cheap….. So I left without it and decided I would try to find something similar for less money. I left my name & number at the desk so in case they could really get the price down….way down. I spent he next 9 months searching for a “replacement” with nothing even coming close to the look of that one. What was worse was that I couldn’t even remember the name of the shop I had seen it in so there was no way to call & find out if it was even still available. Then one day (as fate would have it…& I do believe pieces have a way of finding me) someone from the shop called & asked if I was still interested in the buffet because it had been moved to his other shop in New York & he would bring it back if I wanted it…..ummm YESS!! And so after all that time, I got my sideboard & for a much more affordable price….affordable being relative here….LOL! Then of course…when I went to pick it up… I fell in love with THE CHAIRS….also Louis XV with the original paint & signed Krieger..here we go again! So I ended up having to make another trip down to pick the chairs up…. I told myself I was only gonna get them if all 7 of them fit in the back of my suv….didn’t think they actually would….but they did! Yea….they were meant to be mine :)

This is a picture of my current dining room with my new antique sideboard (more appropriately referred to as an enfilade) & chairs. I will be using these same pieces in my new home…can’t wait!

So, id love to hear from you all….where are some of your favorite shopping sources?

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