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Hello everyone! I know is been a long time since I have posted , but i have some new pretties to share! I finally got new sofas in my living room as well as a new coffee table & sofa table/console. Take a look…..








I love the new square-arm t cushion sofas! They are deep and so comfy….. And slipped. They came from arhaus furniture. They were shown in the store with 3 cushions but I had them changed to two cushion (which I love!) The other nice thing about Arhaus is they always have so many nice fabrics to choose from and if you catch them during a sale, there’s no extra charge for customizing your fabric. I chose a cotton/linen blend in a pale gray/oatmeal color

The coffee table came from William Sonoma. I love the larger size and clean lines

I don’t remember the manufacturer of the console table in the window. It came from a local high end furniture discount store. I fell in love with it the moment I saw it and just knew it would be perfect in the window. It reminds me of one that Neirmann Weeks makes here

The new prints I purchased in Florida are hanging behind the sofas…..love them in there :)

I would like to find nicer lamps at some point but I’m currently using some I had stored in the basement.

I also lightened up the drapes. What can I say….im a pale girl all the way. Sometimes I think darker ones would look better to give some contrast but I just love how light & airy the room feels

This room gets flooded in sunlight all day which I LOVE but the house does get pretty warm in the winter without the AC running. So I decided to order woven wood blinds to filter the sun a bit. I chose unlined so the sun still comes in just not as intense. They will add another layer & more texture to the room. They should be done in a couple of weeks. Can’t wait !!

I think that’s it for now, I will post again soon (promise) as soon as the blinds are in. I’m also working on a few other projects which I will post about soon :)

Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. The weather here is gorgeous right now, but I’m hearing possible snow next week??


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So in lieu of the party im having on Sunday, I’m trying to decide whether or not to hang curtains in my living room. I ordered the Thai silk in sand from Restoration Hardware. I have just pinned them to the window frame for effect to see if I even want to hang them…, & I still can’t decide!!
Here’s the room again with no curtains…


Here it is with just a single panel on either side of the fireplace…


Here it is with double panels..

This looks way too crowded & messy to me. Of course they will hang better when properly hung on a rod, but you get the idea…
Then there’s the front window…. Do I hang curtains there & risk blocking the view?

Does it look funny to see curtains on the other windows & not that one?


Which is better?
Why is it so easy to do someone else’s house & so difficult to do your own???
I’ve noticed it’s the same when it comes to my hair!
I need to make a decision quick….so I’d love to hear your opinions!!


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New lamps & random pics

Ive been spending a lot more time at home than I’m used to with not being able to work, and I’m realizing just how much I really do love my house. It is literally flooded with sunlight all day and I use all the main rooms ( I follow the sun like a cat!) I’m actually in my husbands office as I type this and the sun is baking my legs…..ahhhhh, a good feeling in the middle of winter.
I had purchased a pair of lamps from Joss and Main and they came in recently. I love them

They look like architectural fragments set on a lucite base. And I especially love the rectangular shade. I saw some very similar lamps here for quite a bit more than what I bought mine for. I have had great luck finding unique & antique items on Joss and Main & One Kings Lane

As a matter of fact, the pair of Swedish Demi lunes were purchased on One Kings Lane If you haven’t checked them out yet, you should. Word of caution….it’s addicting!

Aren’t they the cutest?
I’m feeling like I want curtains in this room but feel torn because I don’t want to cover the wonderful view, and I love all the light coming in!


Not sure how they’d hang with the Demi lunes in the window

Do you think it would look too crowded? I’m picturing the palest shade of gray silk

My first cherub (putti) I ever purchased. This ones not antique but adorable nonetheless.


The boys love the sun too :) They take full advantage of every room in this house.
I will post pics of my husbands office soon, made some changes & purchased a small sofa for the window (hense my sunbathing)
Have a great week!


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Here we go again!

So……the new Restoration Hardware sofa & two dining chairs came in……and I really didn’t like them! They just didn’t look like they were worth what I paid for them… plus the sofa had a mark on the cushion, so I returned them! Which means I’m back to shopping for a pair of living room sofas and I just can’t make up my mind!!!! I think I’ve narrowed it down to Lee Industries as far as the manufacturer but I really can’t decide on style/shape. So I thought id let you all help me…
Remember the room…currently with the Ikea sofas….

I love the look of this room posted by Joni on Cote de Texas recently, but as much as I love these sofas, i think they might look too similar to my tufted chesterfield sofa in my family room (but I’m loving the color & fabric)

I also love the look of these sofas…

So anyhow, here are some options I’m considering….

I think a pair of these would be lovely, and I’m a huge fan of a tight back and one bench seat. I hate when loose back cushions look sloppy. But again, I’m wondering if this would feel too much like my family room sofa?? Or does that matter?


This one looks similar the the sofas in the second image

Of course there’s always a classic roll arm slipcovered with the pretty pleated skirt..but two seat cushions

And this one is attractive, slipcovered, tight back, bench seat

It also comes upholstered with a tufted back

I need your opinions!! You know how it is when it comes to your own home. I can design someone else’s home in a split second but can’t make a decision when it comes to my own house! Also…should I go with linen or velvet?? Upholstered or slipcovered?? The possibilities are endless and I’m feeling overwhelmed!
Im going to DC today to look at some fabric options but still haven’t decided on a frame….so HELP! Lol
Thanks and wish me luck!

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Remember the antique French limestone mantel I had purchased shortly after moving into my new house?

Well….I have bad news! First, It was like pulling teeth to find someone skilled enough to know about the proper way it needed to be installed, and when I finally found someone, it was even harder getting him to come out and get the process started. After months of very frustrating calls and very few actual visits to my house, I got an estimate for installation……and let’s just say I was just sick about it!! It was going to cost as much to install as it was to purchase (& trust me, it wasn’t cheap!) So…….as much as it pains me to say this, the mantel will not be getting installed. I just cannot justify spending that much money on a mantel when I have so many ther things I need for this house, not the least of which is a new kitchen and master bath (& exterior paint job)

Soooooo…..if anyone’s interested I will be selling the mantel :(
But there’s also good news! My wonderful husband knew how badly I needed a mantel so we could hang this beautiful antique mirror I have above it….so he built me one! In a weekend! And it’s gorgeous!!! It will never be an antique mantel, but I love it nonetheless. It saved me a lot of money and it has such a presence in the room. I love the simple lines and chunky feel.

This was his template….

And in process…


And the beautiful finished mantel with my mirror…finally!!! Thanks hubs!

Now obviously this room looks different than the last time I posted it. Let me explain. I gave my dark velvet sofa to a friend who needed it, and ordered a new slipcovered sofa from Resoration Hardware. While waiting for the new sofa, I decided to play around with this room and I brought up two Ikea sofas ( one was in my basement & the other in my master bedroom sitting area). I’ve decided I like this look so much that I’m thinking I need to order another Resto sofa!! I also moved the pair of Swedish demi lunes to either side of the mantel….I’m loving all the symmetry! What do you think? A pair of sofas?

Or a sofa and two chairs?

Notice my putti found a new home…

A view of the other side of the room

The art is a piece I’ve had in my collection for about 12 years now and I still love it as much as when I first got it. A custom commissioned piece. Great art never goes out of style!

Now if I can get some drapes the room might actually start to look finished!
Hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving Day :)


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Hi everyone, I know i haven’t posted in quite a while. I’ve been catching up on other blogs & just taking a small break from it. I did purchase a few new things for my house & thought I should share them with you. Remember the sofa in my living room?

Although its a beautiful velvet, I never really loved how dark it is & have been wanting to get a light slipcovered one. I plan on using this room a lot for reading & blogging when the hubs has the tv on in the family room. I can’t concentrate with all that noise in the background! So I also want something deeper that I can curl up on. I looked at every slipcovered sofa I could find and decided on this one from Restoration Hardware

The Belgian track arm in the natural colored linen (which is a creamy white). One of the things I was concerned with as far as the RH slipcovered sofas are concerned is that the seat cushion tends to look a bit too “sloppy” for my taste so I opted out of the down fill on this one & went with the standard cushions…I happened to see one at the outlets with the standard fill & it looked more normal. Let’s hope I like it! Too bad they didn’t have one in the fabric I wanted….would have saved me ALOT of money!
I also decided to order two slipcovered chairs for the head of my dining room table to pull some of the lighter feel up there

Since the two rooms are so open to each other, I thought it would tie them together nicely. I ordered the slipcovered track arm chairs in the same fabric

While I was at it, we needed a new desk for Jays office. He started working from home about 8 months ago & so when we moved into this house I knew the office space would end up being his :(
I was used to having the office for myself, its where I paid bills,worked on payroll, etc. But for the most part it was just “pretty”. Now it has to be “pretty” & functional (for both of us) so I figured the French partners desk would be a good choice

There are drawers on both sides so he has his space & I have mine. This has already been delivered since it was not a custom order & it is working out great. I guess I should show you a glimpse of the office “before” & where it’s at now, although its far from finished.


Don’t you love the wallpaper & window treatments? No worries it did not take me long to get rid of both! Here is what it looks like now


The lantern is from Wisteria.The large chair isn’t staying, I’m thinking about a comfy chaise..maybe something like this

Except with the arm on the other side. Im liking the darker fabric in here though, so i dont know yet, gonna keep looking. It has to be something comfy because this is where the dogs hang out all day while daddy works! Plus i love to curl up here as well, esp in the summer months where i get a perfect view of the pool & pond. We also need to get a pair of desk chairs…matching or his & hers???

I am forced to use this stool for now…how pitiful!

I’m only showing you the top half of my built ins..the bottom half is still a mess!

I promise to post pics when the new pieces come in. Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. It’s a rainy cold Sunday here in Va so we are having a lazy day :)


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It has been one crazy busy week & it has flown by way too quickly! I’m so happy that I had taken the week off work … we managed to get a lot done even with me taking breaks to just hang by the pool ( it was hard not to, the weather was perfect!) and we even had friends over & grilled out a couple times, so I guess that’s pretty good considering it’s only been 10 days since closing.
I thought I’d post a few pics of the living room. I took these pics on move in day so this is exactly how we found it. The living room is the first room you see when you come in the front door. This house has a lot of steps, you walk into a foyer but then go up a few steps into the living room & then step up again into the dining room & rest of the first floor. There are also a lot of wood railings which I will be changing to iron, and I will have the risers painted white to break up all the wood. The French doors lead to the office


The two windows on either side of the fireplace overlook the pool. I obviously need to get a mantel for the fireplace, not to mention remove those globes & curtains. This room has 12′ ceilings & really tall windows so it will be beautiful with curtains hung very high. I have a huge antique French mirror that will fit perfectly over the mantle

This is the type of mantel I want in limestone

If anyone knows of a great source I’d love to know!

This window overlooks the front yard & pond. I love how this house is elevated, almost every window has a pretty view.

Here is the room with some of my furniture placed in it. Can’t wait to repaint, this is definitely not my color scheme. I’m thinking a pale chalky gray for the walls



Love the Swedish style chest in the window

A view of the steps up to the rest of the house
I have already met with an electrician ( to wire for sconces in the dining room & hang chandeliers & ceiling fans), a painter & a stair guy (to replace the railings)

This is the style I chose. I wanted to keep it simple & classic. The finish I picked is oil rubbed bronze, which will also go on all of the door hardware.
My cushions came in today for the pool furniture but it was raining so we will put them out tomorrow. I will try to post a quick pic if I get a chance! Ok…off to bed..work in the morning :(


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