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Hi everyone, I know i haven’t posted in quite a while. I’ve been catching up on other blogs & just taking a small break from it. I did purchase a few new things for my house & thought I should share them with you. Remember the sofa in my living room?

Although its a beautiful velvet, I never really loved how dark it is & have been wanting to get a light slipcovered one. I plan on using this room a lot for reading & blogging when the hubs has the tv on in the family room. I can’t concentrate with all that noise in the background! So I also want something deeper that I can curl up on. I looked at every slipcovered sofa I could find and decided on this one from Restoration Hardware

The Belgian track arm in the natural colored linen (which is a creamy white). One of the things I was concerned with as far as the RH slipcovered sofas are concerned is that the seat cushion tends to look a bit too “sloppy” for my taste so I opted out of the down fill on this one & went with the standard cushions…I happened to see one at the outlets with the standard fill & it looked more normal. Let’s hope I like it! Too bad they didn’t have one in the fabric I wanted….would have saved me ALOT of money!
I also decided to order two slipcovered chairs for the head of my dining room table to pull some of the lighter feel up there

Since the two rooms are so open to each other, I thought it would tie them together nicely. I ordered the slipcovered track arm chairs in the same fabric

While I was at it, we needed a new desk for Jays office. He started working from home about 8 months ago & so when we moved into this house I knew the office space would end up being his :(
I was used to having the office for myself, its where I paid bills,worked on payroll, etc. But for the most part it was just “pretty”. Now it has to be “pretty” & functional (for both of us) so I figured the French partners desk would be a good choice

There are drawers on both sides so he has his space & I have mine. This has already been delivered since it was not a custom order & it is working out great. I guess I should show you a glimpse of the office “before” & where it’s at now, although its far from finished.


Don’t you love the wallpaper & window treatments? No worries it did not take me long to get rid of both! Here is what it looks like now


The lantern is from Wisteria.The large chair isn’t staying, I’m thinking about a comfy chaise..maybe something like this

Except with the arm on the other side. Im liking the darker fabric in here though, so i dont know yet, gonna keep looking. It has to be something comfy because this is where the dogs hang out all day while daddy works! Plus i love to curl up here as well, esp in the summer months where i get a perfect view of the pool & pond. We also need to get a pair of desk chairs…matching or his & hers???

I am forced to use this stool for now…how pitiful!

I’m only showing you the top half of my built ins..the bottom half is still a mess!

I promise to post pics when the new pieces come in. Hope everyone’s having a great weekend. It’s a rainy cold Sunday here in Va so we are having a lazy day :)


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