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Family room

My family room is a work in progress but it has come a long way in the 9 weeks since we’ve moved in. It started out with good bones but dark colors & terrible window treatments. Here’s a few pics of what it looked like on move in day….


You would never even know it had pretty transom windows! The first thing I did was rip the ruffled valences off … But I had to wait a while before we could paint the “orange” walls

Here it is with just a few of my pieces in the room, I was taking pics even while the movers were bringing stuff in (notice the curtains are already down!! LOL)


Notice the pink marble surround inside the mantel…doesn’t quite go with the orange! Some people actually told me to keep the wall color……lol….not a chance!


Here it is with my landscapes hung & the mantel decorated. You can really see how pink the marble is in this pic! Also, notice the ugly wallpaper border in the kitchen in the background ( that’s been long gone thank goodness….but not much else has changed in there yet unfortunately)

I have never changed the furniture arrangement …this just worked out so well the first way I tried it

Here is the beginning of testing out colors for the walls

Hmmmm….. I think I’m liking this but check out how the pink marble stands out even more! ..& of course the mantel needs to be painted too

Ok….here is the mantel primed & the shell design removed. Huge improvement!! But holy pinkness…..every change is making that pink even more obvious! Lol


So I had to live with the pink mantel & half painted walls for a couple weeks til my painters could get back out to paint….. Ughhh

Ahhhhhh……breath of fresh air! Nothing beats a fresh coat of (light) paint! :) We continued the color all the way up on the ceiling which is vaulted

And my gorgeous new chandy came in just in time to hang in the freshly painted room

Perfect!!! …oh and the chandelier isn’t bad either (wink wink)

So…….here are some pics of the finished room as it looks today

The coffee table will be replaced with something nicer when I find one, the tv will eventually be mounted & I have 4 pressed herbariums that will hang on either side ( the same ones that are just resting on the console). Being that this is the first wall you see when you enter the room, I’m considering doing some sort of art on sliders to hide the television when not in use

Something like this ( but with different art of course)

The mantel is painted & the pink marble is gone….yay!! I’m thinking about continuing the curtains on this wall but they will be in the way when opening the French door to the left of the fireplace….hmmmm….not sure yet






LOVE this console table & I was lucky to find one big enough to take up this huge wall space, the baskets are from Pottery Barn & are the perfect place for my magazines. The white pottery I have collected over the years & love seeing it all together

Love this big window! I’m probably going to install woven wood blinds at some point. I don’t want to block the pretty view outside & I love all the natural light, but the sun get pretty hot late in the afternoon






Close up of my tapestry pillow that I made with a remnant I had purchased on Ruby Lane


My antique santos

And a view from the hallway
That’s it folks!! Hope you enjoyed the before & after. This was a long one…good thing I had the day off :)
Have a great day


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My master bedroom area is the first room in the house to get painted and I couldn’t be happier with the results! Unfortunately there’s been so much going on that I never got around to taking a before pic of the color, but trust me when I say it was an awful dark blue! It still amazes me what a fresh coat of paint can do to transform a room…

The blue gray green color is so soothing. I plan to change the carpet at some point to seagrass or sisal but it’s not first on my list of things to do.

I love the mix of the more contemporary Kelly Wearstler pillows with the antique tapestry pillow. I purchased a huge tapestry remnant on Ruby Lane & made several pillows out of it myself for a fraction of what it would cost to buy these pillows

A close up of the drapery fabric, I also sewed these myself to save on cost

The art is a contemporary abstract landscape by artist Mone’ Musel which I purchased online. Its named ” In memory of trees” & if you study it closely you can see a winding path going through the center that fades into the background with trees on either side.You can check out her website here and look under ‘meditational’ for similar paintings


I love the way all the gold accents pop against the wall color

These two paintings are by artist M. Novak . He sells his pieces at the Georgetown Flea market for a steal!

This cozy little sitting area/ tv room is my favorite place to relax in the mornings and blog. It’s surrounded by windows & is so bright and cheery :)
I want to install woven wood blinds in all the windows, which will add tons of texture & privacy at night

I’m not going to post any pics of the master bath at this point because it needs a total redo and why ruin a perfectly nice post? Lol! I will do an entire post based on that at a later date.
There’s plenty going on here this week. My electrician is wiring for my chandeliers & sconces, and my painter is coming back Thursday to start painting the rest of the house. Can’t wait!!
I will keep you posted…..
Last but not least, I cannot end this post without saying Happy Birthday to my hubby! He asked for a robot ( that cleans the bottom of the pool) so his mom & I went in on one for him. I guess being a “pool boy” has taken its toll on him! It’s a lot of work keeping that pool clean :)
Until next time…


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