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Remember the antique French limestone mantel I had purchased shortly after moving into my new house?

Well….I have bad news! First, It was like pulling teeth to find someone skilled enough to know about the proper way it needed to be installed, and when I finally found someone, it was even harder getting him to come out and get the process started. After months of very frustrating calls and very few actual visits to my house, I got an estimate for installation……and let’s just say I was just sick about it!! It was going to cost as much to install as it was to purchase (& trust me, it wasn’t cheap!) So…….as much as it pains me to say this, the mantel will not be getting installed. I just cannot justify spending that much money on a mantel when I have so many ther things I need for this house, not the least of which is a new kitchen and master bath (& exterior paint job)

Soooooo…..if anyone’s interested I will be selling the mantel :(
But there’s also good news! My wonderful husband knew how badly I needed a mantel so we could hang this beautiful antique mirror I have above it….so he built me one! In a weekend! And it’s gorgeous!!! It will never be an antique mantel, but I love it nonetheless. It saved me a lot of money and it has such a presence in the room. I love the simple lines and chunky feel.

This was his template….

And in process…


And the beautiful finished mantel with my mirror…finally!!! Thanks hubs!

Now obviously this room looks different than the last time I posted it. Let me explain. I gave my dark velvet sofa to a friend who needed it, and ordered a new slipcovered sofa from Resoration Hardware. While waiting for the new sofa, I decided to play around with this room and I brought up two Ikea sofas ( one was in my basement & the other in my master bedroom sitting area). I’ve decided I like this look so much that I’m thinking I need to order another Resto sofa!! I also moved the pair of Swedish demi lunes to either side of the mantel….I’m loving all the symmetry! What do you think? A pair of sofas?

Or a sofa and two chairs?

Notice my putti found a new home…

A view of the other side of the room

The art is a piece I’ve had in my collection for about 12 years now and I still love it as much as when I first got it. A custom commissioned piece. Great art never goes out of style!

Now if I can get some drapes the room might actually start to look finished!
Hope everyone has a great week and a wonderful Thanksgiving Day :)


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